Disrespectful Youth

by StrangeZoo

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released January 19, 2014

Holy Ghost Im On Fire (Produced by StrangeZoo x Jay Will)
Written by: Jordan "StrangeZoo" Niemiah

Lean And Juice (Produced by StrangeZoo x Jay WIll)
Written by: Niemiah

X And Os (Produced by AStrangeBadAzz)
Written by: Niemiah

Smokey WonTon (Produced by CrackZILLA)
Written by: Jordan Niemiah

Trippy Generation Feat Blizzi Boi and Young Cheeb (Produced by StrangeZoo and Jay Will)
Written by: Niemiah, Taj Forchion Jr., Chris Rodgers

MILFS (Produced by StrangeZoo and DeathStroke)
Written by: Niehmiah, Rodgers

Exotic (Produced by Jay WIll)
Written by: Niehmiah

Stars Feat Young Cheeb (Produced by Shawn Webb)
Written by: Niehmiah, Rodgers

Video [Interlude] (Produced by Pine Street Bangaz
Written by: Niemiah

Pretty Girls and Drugs Feat Bathsalt God (Produced by StrangeZoo and Melo Flamez)
Written by: Niehmiah and Yusuf Haze

Don't Let Me Fall (Produced by Blizzi Boi)
Written by: Niemiah

Kirk Franklin (Produced by Young Tropical)
Written by: Niemiah

Blowfish (Produced by Budhthegreat and Shawn Webb)
Written by: Niemiah

Thank you to my Deadsea brothers ALL you muhfuckas Cheeba Man, Cariga, Blizz, Purp, Jay Will, Kap, Hazey, WInn Smith, Tidus, BadAzz, Debars, Mglla, Melo Flamez, Shawn Webb, Yoby who feel more to me like family then my own blood at times. Its nice to be understood by misunderstood niggas. XAAAAAAN to my nigga Bathsalt God keep these bitches high on salt. Shout out CrackZILLA and Yung Jza. Holy Ghost watch my body. Rest in Peace Ronnie "Buff Ron" Small. REST IN PEACE MARK HARRIS. REST IN PEACE LARRY ROBERTSON. THIZZ IN PEACE FURL



all rights reserved


StrangeZoo California

Raised in the Bay Area, California listening to everything from Mac Dre to Fleetwood Mac, his sound varies, with an eclectic and unique form of rapping, He is also a song writer and Producer and one of the founders of the underground rap collective DEADSEA. StrangeZoo music carries psychedelic and goth punk overtones. He wastes his time between the bay Areas of California and Florida. ... more

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Track Name: Holy Ghost Im On Fire

How tragic it is when a man becomes hard headed, when it comes to the commands of god. Its bad to be hard headed, for all of my life ive often heard my mother make the statement when it comes to one of my brothers.
Not me nah
A HARD HEAD, makes a soft behind. Its a dangerous thing to be hard headed. The bible plainly demonstrates the tragedy the Results of Hard headed people. Adam was really hard headed, the bible say he didnt hawken to him he Hawkened to his wife, and he really was hard headed he didnt listen to what God had to say

StrangeZoo Verse 1:

I don't talk about nothing important war Obama extortion high as the pants on a Mormon 2 shots Imma kill 4 horseman we kick the door in we robbed the doorman dirty ass vans nigga fuck up ya floor plan I don't fear no man bitch I'm my own man ROCKSTAR life and bitch I'm my own band
We the Unamerican Idols gold ropes and chains niggas living this fucking life ask around about Cobain cuz the fame ain't fucking right without a1 cocaine so we party all fucking night like we won't see the next day

Holy Ghost I'm fire smoking dope and tripping acid on a wire Seen hell And I ran through the fire seen heaven still Trynna get higher lay it down for a stand up guy cuz a young niggas just Trynna get by baby lay it down for a stand up guy young nigga just Trynna get by (TRYNNA GET HIGHER!!!!)


Holy Ghost Im on fire! (FUCK!)
Holy Ghost Im on fire (FUCK!)
Holy Ghost Im on fire (FUCK!)
Holy Ghost Im on fire (CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?)

Holy Ghost Im on Fire! (FUCK!)
Holy Ghost Im on FIRE! (CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?)
Furly Ghost Im on Fire (FUCK!)
Holy Ghost IM ON FIRE!

Verse 2:

They want me to talk about the president about the war in Syria and how it's all relevant to the revelations and genesis but I just wanna kick back and play genesis take a bitch on a plane to go sin and shit fuck around get a Mille high membership write her off compliments on the penmanship live it up cuz I make living killing shit can I get a hell yeah
Track Name: X and Os
California nigga out in Florida sipping lean and juice niggas wanna hang well imma bring a noose or two fuck these other artist I swear deadsea the hardest I'm just Trynna fucked up hoe just show me where the bar is I go dumb on these beats nigga i go ape shit my nigga ask around bet yo bitch will say the same shit we them fucking niggas like we just got off that slave ship blizzi told me that and I say bruh I think the same shit

Stupid bars and I ain't talking music bars every college bitch treat us niggas like we movie stars Malcolm in the middle of two bitches in a foriegn car they don't know my name and that's how I like it AY bitch o revoir

(TAlking stupid... just talking stupid)

Talking stupid but you bitches listen to it trippy drug music smoke a blunt bitch and vibe to it 2x

Temper shorter then a midget with a growth stunt blowing trees purple smoke in my black lungs my bitches roll blunts obvious that we running shit like them gotti kids been like that since we was nappy snotty kids running in them houses just so we can have the hottest shit flexing like we had had it cuz young bitches wanted rapper dick Trynna pop the condom before the question just to have some kids ratchet hoes on ratchet shit piggies trynna wrap the kid ahd a matress where my momma and thats where all the drama live but a young nigga just trynna live